Percantag ERP is an Accounting & Business management and Taxation software for SMEs, developped for all the major platforms like Windows, Android and Web .
Accounting Features

Easy financial accounting upto balance sheet, Cash & Fund flow along with ratio analysis, IT-ST audit reports with all new GST

MIS Report

Gross profit reports on daily/weekle/monthly basis, Operator wish Log Book,Cash Collection & Sales reports, billing stocks and due list.

Taxation Reports

Sales Tax/Purchase Tax summary, File GST and Check Lists.


Next level transportation system built for all the major platforms like android, windows and web platforms. Order, Track and recieve your item with ease using Logistag system. The automated system keeps track of inventory , payment, shipment and order which accelerate your business life.
Track Vehicle Using GPS

See and track the vehicle which is carrying your shipment.

Designed for all type of customers

All in One software for users,customers,owner,drivers and franchises.

Next Level Transport Communication

Teachers and staff members can share all student related context and updates with parents to keep them in sync with their children's progress from anywhere.